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Home Inspection in GTA

Home Inspection in GTA Home Inspection in GTA
Home Inspection in GTA
The Report

Every AGHI client receives a detailed and comprehensive Home Reference Manual. This valuable tool is designed to provide the answers to questions most often asked by homeowners. From Indoor air quality to renovation and repair guides the Home Reference Manual provides peace of mind to every homeowner.

Every Home Inspection Report from AGHI covers all aspects of the Standard of Practice as set out by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI). Your report details the
  • Current condition of the buildings components
  • How those conditions impact you
  • What your options are for remedying problem areas
  • A time frame schedule for servicing defect items
  • A budget for the cost of repairs

Each report is provided on CD Rom, on-site at the time of the inspection. You get

  • Photographs of any areas determined to be of concern.
  • An overall assessment of the property
  • A property insurance profile outlining basic questions most insurance companies will need answered
  • A list of major expence items
  • A priority list to help you understand what need to be repaired first

The format is easy to read and highlights the issues requiring immediate and near term action as determined by the inspector. Our inspectors utilize the latest software technology from 3D Inspection Systems to ensure your report is accurate, clear, and concise. This software allows us the flexibility of customizing a report to your specific needs in real-time. At the end of your inspection you receive your written Home Inspection Report complete with full colour photos. We review the report summary with you highlighting all system components noted during the inspection and answer any questions you have.